Awakening the Third Eye

Meditation Workshop

Silence.    Joy.    Stillness.


Recently the Clairvision school launched a free meditation course online, to offer seekers a pathway for meditation during this COVID-19 phase.

Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds (MPIW) is a four-part meditation course designed to take people into experiences of consciousness. It is suitable for experienced meditators, as well as those with no meditation background. It consists of two talks and two guided meditations, as well as music to facilitate deep third eye states.

As a follow-up, we would like to invite anyone to join us in a study group format.

The study group will be run in a Q & A style, where all questions and experiences are welcome.

While all in-person courses and talks are on hold, we want to provide an opportunity for people to start or deepen their meditation practice.

If you would like to join us for a study group, please email

Cost: Free for both the Meditation, Portal to Inner Worlds (MPIW) online course and the study group.

No pre-requisites

We look forward to connecting with you!

Here is the link to the MPIW course on the Clairvision website:


The Awakening the Third Eye Workshop:

At some point we will be running in person ATE workshops again! The two day weekend workshop is the foundational course of meditation of the Clairvision School of Meditation and is a hands on training to be used in your life anytime and anywhere.

The approach of the school is resolutely experiential. It is designed for people who cannot be satisfied only with other people's opinions and beliefs, but wish to gain first-hand experience of levels of consciousness. In short, it is not what you presume or accept as true that will bring about transformation, but what you experience directly. Clairvision therefore always emphasizes the superiority of experiential knowledge over belief and dogma.

Common questions about the 2 day meditation workshop:

Are we really meditating for 2 days straight?

No, the meditation technique takes about 15 – 20 minutes. You can meditate longer but anything less than 15 minutes may not be effective.  We will meditate several times throughout the day but not continuously as there are lots of other techniques to learn as well.

Do I have to sit on the floor the whole time?

No. During the 2 days we’ll be doing lying down practices and interactive practices so you are not sitting the whole time. If sitting on the floor is uncomfortable for you, we will have chairs and backjacks for your use as well.

Should I bring my own meditation cushion?

Yes!  If you have one, bring it. : )  If not plenty of cushions, blankets or other items to sit on and to keep you comfortable and warm.  The venue is chilly in the morning.

What else will we be learning?

Wow, that’s a big question!  Here’s part of the answer… In the two days you will learn:

  • a 15 – 20 minute meditation technique

  • A quick recovery technique called Night Practice

  • Techniques to help with headaches

  • Techniques to help with insomnia

  • Techniques to help with chronic fatigue

  • How to ground your energy

  • Techniques to connect you to your creativity

  • How to cultivate your life force for greater vitality and wellness

  • How to create a heartful space for friends and relatives

  • How to acquire greater resistance to negative energy

  • How to dowse for earth lines

  • Proper energy management

  • To enhance your intuition and non-physical vision

  • To feel your life force energy (Chi or Prana)

  • Simple tips to improve your sitting meditation posture

The list goes on!